Hands-On with an iPad Pillow

Or maybe, 'knees-on.' That's the body part in the target sights of the typillow, an iPad 'cushion holder' that holds your iPad so you don't have to. FINALLY. Not sure about you, but we're pretty sick of having to hold our devices.

But seriously, this fluffy little 'dock' is made to let your device flop safely and comfortably wherever you decide to do so. Designed specifically for the iPad 2, the cushion is a black microsuede pillow just like any other one you may find on your bed, except for the fact that it has a pop-out square slot sewed into one side. You guessed it, that's where your iPad goes. Though the case is designed for the thinner iPad 2, it's possible to squeeze the fatter version of the slate inside (we don't recommend it though, as you can't close the flap.)

We kicked up our legs on the desk and plopped the pillow in our lap. Our first reaction: shockingly useful! Obviously it's easy to see how this little rig could be considered an utterly unnecessary luxury, and admittedly, it's by no means vital for a pleasurable experience with the iPad. But we must say the hands-free experience of letting the iPad rest without worry about it slipping down your leg or falling between a couch cushion is surprisingly nice.

Of course this pillow isn't designed for sleeping, but we still thought it could have a little more beans to fluff it up. Just about 50 percent more stuffing would've given it a little more strength and even could have doubled on the flip as a cushy head rest. We certainly can think of better ways to spend $35, but if you get this as a gift (no better way to tell someone they're lazy then by assuming they need something to hold their iPad while lounging!) it's worth keeping.

LAPTOP contributor