G Styled: The Dell Inspiron Duo - That's Hot

This week I checked out the Dell Inspiron Duo, which LAPTOP reviewed which did not recommend. Honestly, I think the whole netbook thing is kind of been there, done that. But the Duo is like the crossover netbook/tablet that just might keep the genre afloat for a little longer.

First off, I must say that Dell must be feeling themselves. When they were in the design room, someone said: "Instead of having the screen rotate and flip to turn into a tablet, let's have it spin within the frame!" You know what, it is kind of hot. When you spin the screen upside down and then close the lid, the Duo looks very iPad like and this isn't a bad thing.

While I do think it would be cool to watch media on this netbook (a little Hulu or Slingbox action), I can't realistically see myself wanting to hold this for an extended period of time due to the weight. But if you purchase the additional Audio Station for $100, it might make for a nice viewing experience in the home, office, or home office.

Overall I feel this is a stylish device. Nice rubberized material on the top and bottom, good design on the lid, and brush metal on the wrist pads. For the price, I think it is a good deal, and might just be a topic of conversation or center of entertainment among a group of friends.

Dell Inspiron Duo G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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