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Griffin Woogie Turns Old iPhone Into Kid's Toy

Not sure what to do with that old iPhone 3GS that's sitting in a box? Have you been too scared to hand it over to your toddler for fear of complete distruction? Griffin has a solution that's cute and kid-safe. The $19.99 Griffin Woogie is half protective iPhone case and half stuffed toy.

Velcro shuts around your iPhone to hold it in place, while a touchscreen plastic cover keeps the screen clean. It has six fuzzy arms that can be cuddled comfortably or used to prop the device up so your child can watch the screen easily. The built-in speakers, perfect for watching cartoons on long car trips, are powered by two included AAA batteries. You can also plug in headphones.

Possibly the best feature is the Woogie's Icerberg Kids free app that lets your child preveiw Sesame street digital books, including selections from three popular books in the "Where Is the Puppy?" series: Elmo’s Birthday, Big Bird’s Nest, and The Fix-It Shop. Each selection includes a link to purchase the full version of the book. There are more than 150 Iceberg Kids titles available for download from the App Store that work with the Woogie. Through the app, your child can hear each story read out loud by the computer or by you. The app features touchscreen-friendly actions such as pinch-to-zoom and large icons for navigating through a book; perfect for little fingers.