Google Is Done Making Tablets (Report)

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After the Google Pixel Slate hit the market in 2018 with a handful of bugs, it appears that the tablet won't get a successor.

Google Pixel Slate 007 LEDEThis news comes from a ComputerWorld report stating that "the company did have two smaller-sized tablets under development" but canned those projects as its pivoting laptops. A Google spokesperson told the site that we may see a new Google-built laptop as early as later this year.

Hopefully that will be closer in quality to the beloved Google Pixelbook than the Pixel Slate, which suffered from poor Bluetooth connectivity and a laggy tablet mode. Google will still work with other tablet-makers on their slates.

So, yes, Google might make devices with a tablet mode, such as said Pixelbook which rotates on a 360-degree hinge, but it won't be making standalone tablets like the iPad or Kindle.

It's been nearly two years since Google released the original Pixelbook, which debuted on Oct. 4 2017 and was one of the first set of Chromebooks to ship with Android app emulation. That laptop won points for its stylish, minimalist design, speedy performance and beautiful high-res display.

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