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Get More Out of Pinterest: 4 Tips for the Intermediate User

Once you have Pinterest set up and you've gone over all the basics of it, take a look at these 4 tips to get more out of this new social media platform. Learn some tricks on pinning different types of content, and set up some security features. 

Turn Text into Pinterest Images

Every now and then, you’ll run an awesome quote that will look great on your many Pinterest boards.

  • Go to and make sure your Bookmarks bar is displayed in your Web browser.
  • Drag the Pin A Quote button to the Bookmarks bar and find a potent quotable and click the Pin A Quote button.
  • Fill out the Who Said It field and hit the Post button. You’ll be returned to Pina-, where your quote has been turned into a Pinterest-worthy image.
  • Click the Pin It button to pin the image to Pinterest. 
  • Select which board you want to pin, fill out the description and press the Pin It button.

Block People from Pinning Your Content

  • Click on Help in the About drop-down menu on Pinterest.
  • Scroll down to the “Linking to your blog or website” header.
  • Select the “What if I don’t want images from my site to be pinned?” option.
  • Copy the code and paste it into your website’s code. Now if a user attempts to copy your images, they’ll see the following message: “This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

Retouch your Photos

The Pinterest app lets users adjust photo contrast before posting it to the board. After snapping a photo, simply tap and drag your finger across the photo. Sliding up will lighten the photo while sliding down will darken it. Selecting an image from your camera roll gives you the opportunity to move and scale the photo to your preferred proportions before tapping and dragging. Choose an image and slide the image around to position it in the highlighted box. Users can also zoom in and out using pinch-zoom.

Pin Images from Websites

The free Pin It app is a great workaround for users who want to snag photos from websites via their smartphones. After downloading and opening the app, copy and paste the URL into Pin It. The app will open a window similar to the desktop Pin It bookmarklet . Choose an image, fill out the required fields and pin.