Genius Unveils BV 200 Portable Projector With Better Battery, Sharper Display

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That latest entry into the pico projector market makes it easier to stream content from your mobile device to a larger screen without the use of a television. You can even watch movies on your ceiling as you lay in bed with the newly announced SVGA portable BV 200 Pico projector ($269). This follow-up to Genius’ BV 150, comes packed with a bigger battery and a better display resolution.

The BV 200 comes with an SD Card slot reader to stream files from camcorders, PCs or smartphones. Complete with a 3780mAh rechargeable battery, the BV 200 should last longer than the BV 150, which featured a still-respectable 2000mAh battery. This means that you’ll be able to stream content without having to eat away at your smartphone or camera’s power.

Genius’ new portable projector also boasts an 800 x 600-pixel screen resolution — a small upgrade from the BV 150’s 640 x 360-pixel display capabilities.

The new pico comes equipped with 1GB of memory and supports data input through AV and USB cables as well. It also comes with a remote control for adjusting color settings and a tripod optimized to project up to a distance of four meters. And for the epitome of lazy TV watching, who wouldn't want to stream content onto the ceiling using the BV 200’s included ceiling projector kit?

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  • Howard W. Says:

    This sure has gotten a lot of press for what its offering. 800x600, 30 lumens, no hdmi. There are many picos over 50 lumens for this price with HDMI from AAXA Technologies, 3M, and Optoma!

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