Gear4 Unveils Portable Angry Birds Speakers You Can Daisy Chain Together

Can't get enough Angry Birds? If the games, stuffed animals, pajamas and upcoming cartoon show aren't enough, now you can buy a set of portable Angry Birds speakers. At IFA Berlin, accessory-maker Gear4 unveiled a new line of portable mini speakers shaped like the red bird, black bird, blue bird, laser space bird and red space bird from the popular line of Angry Birds games.

The mini speakers, which will cost between $29 and $34 depending on the bird, contain rechargeable lithium ion batteries that provide 8 hours of playback after a 2-hour charge. A volume control dial on the side of each bird allows you to make it louder or softer. When a Gear4 rep turned up the volume on one bird at their booth, the music was extremely loud.

Each bird comes with a color-coordinated 3.5 mm jack and wire attached to it. These wires not only connect a bird to your smartphone, but also connect the birds to each other. So, if you buy more than one bird, you can connect the first bird to your iPhone and then connect the second bird to it and the third bird to the second bird and so on. A Gear4 rep said the company successfully daisy chained 25 birds together in its office.

There's also a larger Angry Birds speaker that costs $59.99 and is supposed to provide more power and fidelity. In addition to the speakers, Gear4 is introducing a line of Angry Birds-themed ear buds and Angry Birds cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III.

Avram Piltch
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