G Styled: The HTC HD2 May Have A Sexy Screen, But Otherwise It's A Hot Mess

Pet Peeves: we’ve all got them. That one or two or three or ten things that drive you crazy about your friends or your job or your tech. Looking at as many gadgets as I do, there are certain things I can’t forgive anymore: bad style, design flaws, and stuff that just makes no sense.

While taking a look at the HTC HD2 this week, I could tell the force was strong with this one, but a Jedi it isn't. This phone worked more than one of my top Tech Peeves even though, as a piece of hardware, it’s all right. (Check the review for more.) But it’s obviously time to drop some G Style on HTC.

Before I say why I think HTC messed up on this one, I have to first admit that the screen is gorgeous on this phone (although not so much once a few fingers have smudged it). I used to think the Motorola Droid is the only phone right now with a sexy looking screen, but the HD2 definitely is in the same category.

That being said, HTC missed the mark with the design. While I do give them all the kudos in the world for taking Sense UI and actually making Windows Mobile 6.5 look good on the surface, the design needs some tweaks.

Tech Peeve #1: Messing up an already hot design. When you have a winning design, you don't change it; instead you improve on it. HTC failed to do this with the HD2 -- it’s one giant rectangle. The first HTC Touch HD looked sexy and had a nice shape and curves. The Nexus one has curves. Hell, even the Sprit HTC Hero has some. So why do a boxy device after all of that?

Tech Peeve #2: Using a played out OS. Yes Sense UI looks good, but once you get to the functions Sense UI covers it still has Windows Mobile 6.5 underneath. I mean, when the Touch HD first came out, HTC went with Windows Mobile when they should have chosen Android. Now here we are with the same situation all over again.

Tech Peeve #3: Awkward buttons sticking up from the device. The buttons aren't as sexy as say the Nexus One, which has its buttons flush with the chassis.

Tech Peeve #4: The camera. Can someone tell me why it sticks out so much? Again HTC, you couldn't make the camera flush with the HD2? The overall look already exists, but really that camera sticks out like a sore thumb.

Tech Peeve #5: Carrier boot up screens. While, yes, I understand that they need to be there, I feel it makes the phone cheesy and devalues it.

I think HTC dropped the ball on this one. We all know they can do better than that, so what happened? The HD2 just isn't sexy enough to make me want to buy it, so I'm going to pass on this based on style. HTC, I still love you, though!

G Style Rating: Hot Mess

Jason Anderson is a self-proclaimed gadget head and publisher of G Style Magazine where he covers all things “fashionably technical.” He contributes a weekly post on laptop and gadget panache.