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G Styled: Motorola Droid 3 - The Fashion Force is Weak With This One

Just like in the Star Wars prequel movies, the Droid army was strong and untouchable for a time. But then due to the power of the Jedi army, eventually the Droid army was overcome and no more. As too with this Droid 3, could this be the end of the Droid smartphone army? This week I had a look at the latest Android smartphone to bare the Droid name, the Droid 3, and was left unimpressed.

I will say that the Motorola Droid 3 does have a couple of cool features. I like that the qHD screen resolution seems sharp, though the screen is more narrow than many other wide-body Android devices. I also love the fact that the back is rubberized. All devices should have a little rubber on them!

There's just a nice feel to the Droid 3 chassis.  It has just the right mix of rubber and metal to make the Droid 3 feel like a more high end device that's polished and sophisticated.

Unfortunately, this is where my likes come to an end. At the top of the pile of items I'm not feeling on the Droid 3 is the keyboard. It looks almost fake, and felt funny when I tried typing on it. I have yet to find an Android device with a keyboard that I actually like to use, the closest being the Samsung Epic 4G.

Also not cool is the weird chin piece on the bottom. Seriously, what is up with that! Are we really still doing the chin thing on Android devices? What is this the G1!? Motorola listen closely. Let the chin go. No one will miss it. Trust me.

Overall, the only Droid phone I can say I've really liked is the Motorola DROID R2-D2 version. But who could find anything wrong with R2-D2? Now there was a Droid you were looking for!

Motorola Droid 3 G Style Rating: Fashion Flop