Fugoo Stylish, Sporty and Tough Bluetooth Speakers Push Big Sound

The Bluetooth speaker market is growing at such a rapid pace, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. That is, unless your dealing with the Fugoo Bluetooth speaker line, comprised of the Fugoo Style, Fugoo Sport and Fugoo Tough.

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This trio of durable devices, priced between $199 and $299, are teeming with versatility and customization options. Set to hit store shelves sometime in February, Fugoo is the brand to watch in 2014 and we got some one-on-one time with these little audio powerhouses. 


Each of the Fugoo speakers begins with the core, the black aluminum casing is integrated with shock absorbers and co-molded seals, making these devices very durable. The air-tight seals protect against water, dust, sand and snow. Plus, the speaker ends sport caps to protect against life's inevitable scrapes and falls. But it's the outer jacket that makes these speakers pop. Each device will have a set of interchangeable jackets that easily slip over the core. The bright red sleeve was our personal favorite, because it immediately drew the eye.

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Each Fugoo model features six drivers, including a pair of neodymium tweeters, aluminum cones and passive bass radiators. The drivers are placed on a upward slant helping to bathe the listener in 360 degree sound. Despite the non-stop din of the crowd, the Fugoo Tough speaker we demoed deliver booming bass with richly balanced highs and mids. Each speaker possesses speakerphone capabilitie,s thanks to their omni-directional mics. Fugoo speakers also work in concert with Siri and Google Now.

Bluetooth and Battery

Fugoo speakers utilize Bluetooth 4.0 and have an expected range of 33 feet. Each device sports a built-in lithium-ion battery that Fugoo reps claim will get up to 40 hours of battery life when played at half volume. The battery life drops significantly at full volume, lasting only 7 to 8 hours.  


Aside from the swappable sleeves, the Fugoo speakers have some interesting accessories, the most impressive of which is the wearable Bluetooth low energy remote. The device which can be worn as a watch or around a person's neck on a lanyard, has the ability to play music on the speakers or activate Siri or Google Now. Upping the cool factor is the bottle opener hidden on the bottom of the remote. We see this particular feature being very popular at a party or a sporting event parking lot. Fugoo also has some more practical accessories such as the Multi Mount used to attach the speaker to a backpack or purse. The bike rack is pretty straightforward, but there's also a pole mount to secure the speaker to a pole or tree.

When the Fugoo speakers launch in February, consumers should expect to shell out $199 for the Fugoo Style, $229 for the Fugoo Sport with Remote and $229 for the Fugoo Tough. 

Sherri L. Smith
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