FrontFace: Make Windows 7 Tablets Work Like Tablets

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When it comes to usability, tablets like the Apple iPad and Android have gotten most of the hype. But lest any Windows 7 users feel like they've been left behind, German developer Mirabyte might be able to solve the problem.

Mirabye's FrontFace is a custom user interface that's designed to improve the functionality on Windows 7 tablets by making it more touch-friendly. The package includes upgrades like larger icons and docks, along with custom applications like a notification center and RSS feed reader.

Sascha Pallenberg over at got an early hands-on with Frontface's community preview--check out the video below.

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  • Sam Hodges Says:

    ..did you try the demo version before writing this? It does not limit Windows 7 (by the way it also works on XP!) - in fact it makes using Windows on touch screens and small screens much simpler! This piece of software gives you the opportunity to use a Windows Tablet like an iPad but you still have all the possibilties and power of Windows which you do not have when using a "real" iPad! I can't wait to see the final version of FrontFace! It will certainly be a great user experience!

  • aftermath Says:

    "Make Windows 7 Tablets Work Like Tablets" Say what? Arguably, this makes Windows 7 tablets work like smartphones. This has nothing to do with tablets, and even little to do with touchscreens.

    Launchers with big icons, graphical docks, and advanced window management already exist for Windows 7. It may just be that I currently have more tablets than most people have ever had computers, but your comments don't really ring true. Have you ever tried to do something SIMPLE like manage the files on an iPad or an Android device. On Windows (which I'm not a big fan of)? If you have the tablet PC extensions active on Windows 7 then it's much, much, much easier. Does this mean to make "Windows 7 tablets work like tablets" we should disable features like this in order to have a poorer quality experience?

    Honestly, this application does NOTHING to help "Windows 7 tablets by making it more touch-friendly." It doesn't address the touch-friendliness of Windows 7 at all (which is fine, because there's nothing to address). It's just an alternative way of launching and managing applications, of which there are really many, and none are really even needed on a Windows 7 tablet.

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