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Firefox Update Makes Private Browsing Easier, Downloads Easier to Find

In its quest to stay hot on the heels of Chrome, Firefox has added a few features you won't find in Google's browser. Tuesday Mozilla pushed out version 20 of its browser, which makes private browsing simpler, introduces a new way to track downloads and adds additional developer tools.

If you want to roam the Web without leaving behind a trail of websites for others to find, or just want to log in to both of your Gmail accounts at once, you can do so with Firefox's private browsing feature. Before the update you had to open a new window for each private session, but not anymore. Now private browsing tabs can stay in the same window as your not-so-private ones. This works on the desktop Firefox browser for Windows or Mac OS, as well as Firefox's Android app, which is also getting an update.

Firefox is also getting a revamped Download Manager, which makes it easier to find the files after they've made their way from the Internet to your hard drive. Instead of opening a small downloads window when you download a file (the way Firefox has handled downloads in the past), downloads will now go into a menu right in your browser toolbar. You'll find a new button with a down arrow next to the home button on the right side of the Firefox tool bar, where you can find a list of your last three downloads, plus a link to view the entire list. When you begin a download, the arrow becomes a progress bar, showing the time left until your download finishes.

Other updates include a developer toolkit and getUserMedia, which helps developers write apps that can use your computer's camera or microphone. While these updates aren't major, they help make Firefox faster and easier to use and add a few features that could give Chrome users a reason to check out a different browser.