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Firefox Tablet Reportedly Coming from Mozilla and Foxconn

Mozilla, maker of the Firefox Web browser and mobile OS, is reportedly teaming with Foxconn to build a new Firefox-based mobile device. The news comes by way of Focus Taiwan, which cites an invitation sent to media outlets indicating that the two companies will make an announcement about the device on June 3. 

Citing an "industry insider," Focus Taiwan said the device will likely be a tablet powered by Mozilla's Firefox OS. For its part, Mozilla has acknowledged that it is working with Foxconn, but hasn't said what the June 3 announcement will be about. We haven't seen a copy of the release, but we have reached out to Mozilla for more information.

The Firefox OS is built on HTML5 and offers its own unique features including a contextual search that lets users search for information in apps and on the Web at the same time, something that’s not available through native apps. But just because the OS is built on HTML 5, doesn't mean it needs a constant Web connection to run.

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Mozilla announced its Firefox mobile OS at a press event during Mobile World Congress in February. The company stated that it was working with a multitude of smartphone makers and manufacturers to bring a Firefox-powered smartphone to market. So far, the company has helped launch two Firefox-equipped smartphones, the  Keon and Peak.

Mozilla touts Firefox as a platform that’s free from the restrictions of other mobile OSes and gives developers plenty of creative freedom with HTML5 and APIs that Mozilla has proposed as new standards. 

via Focus Taiwan