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Ferrari and Apple Bringing Siri, iPads to Italian Supercars

Not only did Ferrari unveil the LaFerrari (above), a hybrid supercar, this week, it also announced that Apple will offer Siri integration and iPad minis in the Ferrari FF. And while the $1.3 million LaFerrari is incredibly exciting, it's the company's partnership with Apple that is most intriguing to us. 

According to Ferrari, the relationship, which was established when Apple executive Eddy Cue joined the automaker's board of directors last year, will allow for Ferrari to offer Apple's Siri Eyes Free mode in the four-seater, meaning drivers will be able to take control of their vehicle's infotainment system using Apple's Web-connected voice assistant. 

Beyond that, the FF will also come with two brand-spanking-new iPad minis for rear seat passengers, for when sitting in an Italian supercar becomes so blasé that you'd rather play "Words with Friends" than enjoy the ride.

Although seeing Apple and Ferrari team up is interesting, it certainly isn't the first time an automaker has used Siri Eyes Free mode in one of its vehicles. In fact, Chevy unveiled its Siri-enabled Spark EV, a decidedly less exciting car than the FF, at CES 2013.

What is impressive is the way Apple has managed to make Siri Eyes Free mode a worthwhile investment for automakers at both ends of the automotive spectrum, which means there's no doubt we'll see many more vehicles sporting Apple's handiwork in the near future.