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Dynamism Launches KUPA Ultranote X15 Windows 8 Tablet

According to Dynamism, it has just launched the most powerful and versatile Windows 8 tablet on the market in the KUPA Ultranote X15, which is a "must-have for early adopters." whether the truth of that bold statement remains to be seen, the German-designed tablet does boast an Intel Ivy Bridge i5/i7 processor, a whopping 8GB DDR3 RAM and an Active Digitizer. What really makes it stand out, though, is its ability to be customized based on what a particular user wants.

The tablet's processor makes it a good fit for those more accustomed to using desktops, and an active digitizer supports digital inking with Microsoft Windows and is pressure-sensitive up to 1024 levels. The 10.1-inch, 10-point multi-touch screen flaunts a 1920 x 1200-pixel display with an aspect ratio of 16:10.

The tablet, which has a removeable battery, supposedly lasts 7 hours on a charge and 13 hours with a dock. Its optional dock includes a keyboard, an extra battery, an Ethernet port, a VGA port, an SD Card slot and a USB port. We're not sure how many will be willing to pay the price for this device. Available now, the KUPA Ultranote X15 retails for $1,099.