PSA: Dell XPS 15 Not Getting Fingerprint Reader Until February

Following a leak last year, Dell announced a refresh of the XPS 15 at CES in Las Vegas. While it was clear that the notebook would be upgraded to the latest Intel "Kaby Lake" CPU and an Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU with 4GB of VRAM, there was confusion among XPS fans as to whether or not there would be a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello.

The Dell forum on Reddit, for instance, has been filled with questions from confused customers, but Dell has an answer.

"Folks should see configurations for XPS 15 on get updated to include the fingerprint reader option during the first week of February," the company told Windows Central.

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If you've already placed a pre-order and expected the fingerprint reader, you won't be getting one. Its an optional add-on. If you really want to be able to log in with Windows Hello, you should cancel your order and wait until February.

We''ll let you know what we think of the XPS 15 (9560) as soon as we get it into our labs. 

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