Dell Laptops to Look Forward To in 2017

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2017 is a big year for Dell laptops. At CES, the company unveiled several brand new systems, including the innovative XPS 13 2-in-1, and even more major refreshes of existing laptops. From 2-in-1s to clamshells, here are the key Dell laptops the company is rolling out or has rolled out in 2017, along with links to our reviews where applicable.

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  • Jason Smith Says:

    Directly from the article, "If you’re looking for a professional PC".. Does that mean you gave us the full Thunderbolt 3 port Bandwidth?

  • Jp Farnsworth Says:

    I used to deploy thousands of Dells and then stopped. I just bought a dell after 10 years and was reminded why I stopped. Their tech support is the worlds worst. Nice products when they work have an issue and they should not be Dell it should be HELL! I kept the Insperon but if I have any more trouble with it then it could become a very expensive door stop. You have to call only one time to feel the pain.

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