Dell 2011 Roadmap Leaked, Android Ice Cream Phones and Windows 8 Tablet Revealed

If 2010 was a slow year for Dell mobile products, 2011 may see the company shift gears into the fast lane. Several leaked documents revealed by WPCentral show that the PC-turned-mobile device manufacturer is building up steam for some interesting tablets and smart phones over the next 10 months, including a Windows 8 tablet and smart phones with 960 x 520-pixel resolutions, dual cameras, and a new version of Android, Ice Cream.

According to the documents, several tablets are on the assembly line, including Rosemount, the 10-inch, 1366x768-pixeled Windows 7 slate the company showed off earlier this month.  Another, Gallo, looks to be about 10 diagonal inches wide and is penciled in for a summer or fall reveal. And three devices are stacked for announcement early next year: the Opus One and SilverOak, both running the tablet-optimized Honeycomb version of Android, and the Peju, a Windows 8 tablet.

On smart phones, starting in May, we'll see the Venue Pro, Dell's Window 7 smart phone, get a WP7 update that should include multitasking capability, IE 9, and new cloud storage features.  At the same time, Dell will be releasing an Android version of the Venue Pro, running out the gate with Android 2.2.

Next up is Wrigley, a 4-inch vertical QWERTY-slider (like the Venue Pro) with Windows Phone 7,a 1-GHz CPU, and an 8-MP camera with 720p video capability that is expected to arrive between July 2011 and January 2012.

An Android phone nicknamed Hancock is slated to run Ice Cream on a dual-core CPU and will see a window of availability from September to February 2012. From the specs, it seems like Hancock will be a heavy-duty smart phone. There's a 4-inch qHD display with a resolution of 960 x 560 pixels,  rear and front-facing cameras of 1.3MP and 8MP resolutions, and a lens for 1080p video recording. Better expect that device to offer 4G data speeds, too.

And last is a device codenamed Millennium, also spinning Android Ice Cream on a dual-core CPU. The display will also be a qHD screen, but at 4.3 inches, it's slightly larger than Hancock. An 8MP back camera, a VGA front cam, and 1080p recording are on deck as well, along with DLNA for sending music, movies, and photos to nearby devices. Looks like 2011 is coming up Dell.

Via WPCentral and Android Central

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