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D-Link to Unveil Cloud Camera 5000 and All-in-One Mobile Companion

LAS VEGAS -- D-Link's Cloud Camera 5000, just announced at CES 2012, shoots video in a mere 720p, but its standout features are hardly related to image quality. As its name suggests, the Cloud Camera lets users view a live stream of the cam's footage online—via the mydlink portal. Users can also adjust the camera's angle remotely to see up to 340 degrees of the area under video surveillance. There's a microSD slot on board, and automatic day/night recording will capture potential intruders (or maybe just your beloved pet, lonely at home) 24/7.

Further bolstering its spycam pedigree, the Cloud Camera 5000 features email alerts when it senses "intrusions or disturbances" and it can pair with your doorbell, alarm system and motion sensors to start recording when something fishy is up. (We like the Dalek-esque design, to boot.) The Cloud Camera 500 will launch in April. No word on pricing yet.

And there's another gadget up D-Link's sleeve. The All-in-One Mobile Companion offers instant Wi-Fi and includes a USB port for sharing content and charging devices. There's also an Ethernet port for connecting via cable.

Users can remotely access their media files with the Mobile Companion thanks to Android and iOS apps. The device will launch in April—prices have yet to be revealed.