How to Customize Android Nougat With System UI Tuner

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Android's System UI Tuner lets you customize Android 7's interface in ways that haven't yet made it to the general public. In exchange for that early access, users are taking a risk because Google is always changing what is available in the system, so there's a possibility that your settings will be lost or  unavailable after a future OS update.

In Nougat, not only does UI Tuner let users enable and disable what quick settings options are available, but it also allows them to use gestures to activate multi-window views. Here's how to enable System UI Tuner in Android Nougat:

1. Swipe down from the top.screenshot 20160830 133753


2. Tap the down arrow.screenshot 20160830 133805

3. Hold down on the Settings icon.screenshot 20160830 133808

4. Observe the System UI Tuner notification.screenshot 20160830 133844

5. In Settings, tap System UI Tuner.screenshot 20160830 133849

6. Tap Got It.screenshot 20160830 133854

Congrats, you've uncovered System UI Tuner.

screenshot 20160830 133906



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