Control (And Find) Your Bluetooth Headset? There's an App for That. Meet the SoundID 510.

Bluetooth headsets, even noise canceling ones, come a dime a dozen. But the SoundID 510, a premium $129 earpiece announced today, stands out anyway. That's because owners can download a free corresonding iPhone app, called EarPrint, from the App Store.

If that sounds like a gimmick, you can actually do some useful things with it. For one, you can drag a marker across the screen to customize the sound levels; once you're done the app will save  your listening preferences to the headset. There's also a visual battery indicator, which seems like an easier way of gauging battery life than fumbling with the headset's buttons or removing it altogether to inspect any LED light that might be on the back side. Best of all: there's a Find Me feature that causes your headset to emit a beeping sound if you've misplaced it.

Another cool feature that has nothing to do with the app: an environmental mode promises natural sound even when you're just sitting there with the headset in your ear (too often, wearing a headset can feel like wearing ear plugs, making in-person conversations awkward).

Spec-wise, the 510 has three noise cancelling microphones and a touch-sensitive volume strip.

iPhone owners, you can get the headset starting June 6 at AT&T stores and at SoundID's website.