Finally: Chrome on Windows 10 Is Getting Dark Mode

If you're a fan of dark mode apps that are easy on the eyes (and just look cool), we've got good news: the popular feature is on its way to Google's Chrome browser for Windows 10

As discovered by TechDows, Chrome developer Peter Kasting confirmed in a recent Reddit thread that "native dark mode support is in progress." If you don't feel like waiting, Kasting said that "we generally suggest people use a dark theme" for Chrome via a third-party extension.

There's no timetable on when dark mode for Chrome on Windows may arrive. A bugs log on the Chromium website notes that work is also underway to bring Chrome dark mode support to macOS Mojave, the latest Mac software update that introduced dark mode-enabled apps.

Now that both Windows and macOS support dark modes, it seems feasible that we'll see the feature come to Chrome on both platforms sometime this year. Dark mode is already available on YouTube, one of Google's other key products. 

Michael Andronico
A devout gamer and tech enthusiast, Mike Andronico joined the Laptop team in July 2013. With a B.A. in Journalism from Purchase College and experience at GameNGuide, Examiner and 2D-X, Mike tackles everything from iPhone rumors to in-depth hardware reviews.