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Boost Your iPhone 5's Wi-Fi Signal With LINKASE

We've all been there, experiencing those frustrating moments when you're trying to pull a Web page up at a second's notice or launch an app to get directions or listen to your favorite tunes, and your smartphone's connectivity is at a standstill. Luckily for iPhone 5 users, a new case aims to eliminate those moments. LINKASE supposedly boosts your iPhone 5's Wi-Fi and enhances its signal.

How does it work? The case was engineered for the primary purpose of enhancing your phone's everyday Wi-Fi performance, and is fueled by EMW technology (electromagnetic waveguide) and has a proprietary sliding antenna that is supposed to boost your iPhone 5's Wi-Fi signal by up to 50 percent.

LINKASE is available in Coal Black, Ash Gray, Frost White, Chili Red and Antarctic Blue and comes with an extra EMW element in a complementary color, and will retail for $49.95 when it goes on sale in the next month or two. We plan on testing out the LINKASE to see just how much it enhances our iPhone 5's Wi-Fi, so be sure to check back for our results.