BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a Desktop from Splashtop

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In a sea of negative news and critical commentary, BlackBerry PlayBook owners (...anyone?) got a splash of excitement today with the release of a service to remotely stream a home computer on the tablet. Splashtop Inc., the designer of cross-device connectivity applications, has launched a version of its app for cloud computing on the Playbook, the company announced today in a press release.

Of course, Splashtop's remote desktop app has been available for Apple's iPad and Android devices for some time already. Last year, the designer's remote for Android won our award for best app or software at CES 2011. A full review of the software March 2011 earned it 3.5 stars.

The BlackBerry app, similar to previous ones on other devices, will enable remote access to one's home desktop or laptop by a one-touch system that works on both PCs and Macs. A downloaded app on the PlayBook and software on the corresponding computer establish a personal cloud computing station where programs can be accessed on the tablet while the processing is being done by the primary machine.

Splashtop said the app will give users full access to the computer, including the implementation of touch controls and gestures to remotely access files and browse content. Microsoft Office programs, Microsoft Outlook, iPhoto, Quicken, Keynote and other applications not normally available on the playbook are now fair game, as well as music stored in programs like iTunes and Windows Media Player.

The app is launching at $4.99.

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  • Paul L-R Says:

    I am one of the very satisfied PlayBook commmunuty and have nothing negative to say about it particularly as this was one fo the early tablets to hink of having a USB connector - it is far better for working on the move. The only thing that frustrates me is seeing that this cross platform software is now released so cheaply having spent a lot more with RDM + - remote destop which equally stable and fast. Too much underestimation of the Paybook + too much distraction with the Power play at the top of the Company. Keep at it Rim - great job so far !!!

  • Sean Says:

    Why all the constant sarcasm about the Playbook? I know plenty of very satisfied PlayBook owners but then I know plenty of free-thinkers. I MUCH prefer the PlayBook to the iPad (I have both).

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