10 Laptop Stands That Raise Your Screen to Eye-Level

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Using a laptop as your primary computer has one potentially serious drawback: The screen is too low when it's placed flat on a desk. For you to avoid neck and muscle discomfort, experts suggest attaching an external keyboard and mouse while using a display that's set at eye level.

Fortunately, many companies make laptop stands that not only raise your portable computer's display to the correct height but also help you save desk space. These accessories can even manage your wires, provide extra ports or charge your phone. Here are our 10 favorite laptop stands.

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  • Steven Says:

    could you have anymore adverts pop up!

  • Charles Park Says:

    These choices are superb. I have terrible back pains and neck pains from prolonged laptop use. Anyways Im not exactly the tallest person in the world but its difficult to find a laptop stand that elevates high enough for me to be comfortable. This review and laptopstandboss.com both helped me pick out the perfect one for me.

    I use my laptop to watch tv shows and movies on the couch and bed so i got the cooler master! No more uncomfortable heat on my legs either! WIN!

  • JuanSoto Says:

    Interesting... would love to see similar separate articles for tablets, phablets and smaller. I know somes of these can serve double-duty (ie, can be used for laptops *and* other devices).

    When lying in bed, on my back, I can place a lighter laptop near chest. Very practical and usable position for videos, reading, etc. Especially when you have a mouse on one side of your body. Comfortable, very little arm movement. Difficult to achieve same results with "mobile" devices.

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