Best Laptop Coolers of 2017

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While they're busy playing your video, running a game of Overwatch or crunching a spreadsheet, the CPU, GPU and other components inside your laptop are generating heat. Unfortunately, some laptops don't have the best ventilation systems, and the extra heat can cause your laptop to slow down as the processor throttles performance to avoid a meltdown. Even if performance is no concern, a hot laptop is uncomfortable to touch and can belch hot air in your direction.

If your laptop is getting a little too hot under the collar, a laptop cooler can help. Fortunately we've got a list of the best active and passive notebook cooling solutions on the market.

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  • danwat1234 Says:

    Or just get a good gaming laptop / workstation laptop that can handle full load of the CPU and GPU simultaneous without throttling by itself. Hard to find but very possible.

  • Benjamin Says:

    I have the "Targus Chill Mat and USB Hub" I use it with my Asus RoG High end gaming laptop. It has significant air flow. Keeps my rig quite cooled.

  • 18" laptop dude Says:

    I'm with Jake: is this "review" a joke? It looks like nothing more than one of those script-generated "stories"--no human even saw it.

  • CJJacobs Says:

    Did you guys actually test any of these?

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