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Attention Walmart, Best Buy Shoppers: New iPad on Sale Starting at Midnight

Want a new iPad, but don't want to stand in a ridiculously long line that wraps around the building at least three times? Smart shoppers can calmly stroll into their local Wal-Mart 1 minute past midnight to pick up the new iPad. According to Bloomberg, Wal-Mart will have a limited amount of the treasured tech on sale starting at 12:01 -- eight hours ahead of the legions of Apple fanboys and girls camped out at Apple stores nationwide. 

If you live near a Best Buy that's open at midnight such as the Union Square store here in New York, you'll also be able to buy an iPad at the stroke of midnight.

Since there's a limited supply, we're not sure if every Wal-Mart will have the new iPad. However, we called our neighborhood Wal-Mart in Neptune, New Jersey and received a cheerful comfirmation from the helpful lady in the electronics section. So, if you're looking to beat the crowds, give your Wal-Mart a call and try to arrive a little early.