Apple's New iPad Pro Leaks in Crystal-Clear Images

Apple is said to be planning a major press event focused on a new iPad Pro later this month. And now, some leaked images are shedding light on its rumored design.

The renders, which were published online by serial leaker Benjamin Geskin, show an iPad Pro with thin bezels all around. Most notably, the iPad in the picture doesn't have a Home button. Instead, the tablet adopts a design similar to that of the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max with a screen that nearly covers the entire face.

That said, there's one major difference between the iPad Pro in the images, which were earlier reported on by the Inverse, and the iPhone XS line: the notch. Apple's handsets ship with a notch at the top of the screen. The iPad Pro in the images, however, show a slate that ditches the notch in favor of a simple black bezel all around. It creates the effect of an all-screen tablet.

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Aside from that, we can't glean much from the images. And their inclusion of a headphone jack is suspect, considering Apple has been slowly but surely moving away from the technology. The images clearly show, though, that the tablet is thin and perhaps even slimmer than its predecessor. The leak, which included another image of an iPad Pro in a case, didn't mention anything about the specs we can expect from the slate.

Rumors have been swirling for months that suggest Apple is planning an iPad Pro unveiling at an October event. But now nearly halfway through the month, there's no indication of when that event might happen. If and when the slate is announced, it's expected to offer Face ID support and 4K HDR output.

Apple might also showcase a new Apple Pencil at the show to complement an upgraded screen. Pricing and availability are unknown, but don't look for the slate to be cheap.