Apple Just Made It Even Easier to Ditch Windows

Apple may not be running Switcher ads anymore, but it's still looking to poach Windows users and get them using one of the latest MacBooks. A new report shows that Apple's re-invested in the Windows Migration Assistant, making it more capable than ever before.

Discovered on Twitter by user YRH04E, the new beta of macOS Mojave 10.14 includes an updated version of the data export tool. The additions found in this version include automatic online account transfers, and migration of "documents, email, and calendar data from popular programs such as Microsoft Outlook."

Of course, this utility is a part of a beta, so those thinking of running it in its present state are adding more risk to their data storage, as you're required to install this tool onto the PC you're copying files off of. macOS Mojave is expected to launch this fall, so it won't be long before a safe version is made available.

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Windows Migration Assistant has been available since the days before 'macOS,' as Apple originally introduced it in 2011 as a part of Mac OS X Lion, when it arrived to copy calendars, contacts, iTunes Libraries and more from PCs to Macs.

Whaaaaaat — YRH04E (@YRH04E) August 6, 2018

macOS Mojave's marquee features include Continuity Camera, which allows you to more-easily import iPhone camera photos to your MacBook, and Dark Mode, a long-awaited option for a less-bright interface.