Apple Rumored to be Working on a Curved Glass Smart Watch

Could the iWatch be close at hand? The New York Times, a publication known to be reputable, is reporting that Apple is working on a smart watch. The kicker? The company is supposedly working on constructing it out of curved glass. Is Siri moving to your hand or would the device be more like the iPod Nano but with a smaller screen? Could you imagine playing a game like Temple Run 2 on your wrist? Would your arm movements become the main controller instead of your fingertip? 

If you thought curved glass was something reserved for wine glasses, think again. The New York Times Bits blog notes that Corning, the makers of Gorilla Glass, announced last year that they had created flexible glass, which they named Willow Glass. The glass has almost no rigidity, which might it perfect for a touchscreen smart watch, though it remains to be seen if Willow Glass can stand up to the rigors of the human body. 

Apple's possible smart watch is certainly not the first one in this space. At CES last month we saw several new smart watches, including the Martian Watch and the Pebble Watch, but they work in tandem with your smartphone to notify you of calls and messages. These watches also look more like traditional watches than curved glass sculptures. And, sure, talking into your watch is any Dick Tracy fan's dream, but there are already Bluetooth headsets that allow us to look like we're talking to ourselves-- wouldn't a watch that you talk into ruin the hands-free effect? 

Of course, it remains to be seen if Apple will actually sell a smart watch made from flexible glass, but, if they do, it's sure to be a big seller.

via The New York Times