Top 10 Signs Your Smartphone is Too Big

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First came 4.3 inches. Then 4.5 inches. Then 4.7 inches. Given how quickly smartphone screens have grown over the past couple of years, you would think that evolution has accelerated, creating a new breed of supersize beings. How else could you explain devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch monster that normal humans need two hands to operate? Or maybe, just maybe, smartphone makers are out of control. And you're enabling them.

Here are the top 10 signs your phone is just too big.

10. People keep complementing you on your new iPad.
9. It came with a remote control.
8. You catch yourself looking for the volume controls on your waffles.
7. You're suddenly awesome at arm wrestling.
6. You now wear a Bluetooth headset without feeling the least bit self-conscious.
5. Augmented reality apps suck you into another dimension.
4. You've convinced yourself that cargo pants are in again.
3. It takes two people to perform pinch-to-zoom gestures.
2. You phone's browser keeps popping up ads for murses.
1. You couldn't lose it if you tried.


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  • kanji sasahara Says:

    Personally anything larger than 4" is ridiculous. More is useful, but if it can't fit into my pockets comfortably, then it's worthless. Also it seems that millions of people get their stuff done on a 3.5" screen, so you can ignore my personal opinion, but hard to argue with the ridiculous market share that Apple has with just 3 phones.

  • Johnnie Says:

    What's the top sign that reviewers have lost touch with what the market actually wants?

    I'd say that coming up with a bunch of lame excuses to bash the best phone currently on the market is a pretty good indicator. Your legitimacy and relevance indicator is falling by the second.

  • Mario Says:

    After 1 month I am in love with my Galaxy Note. Both hands? Yes, but i don't care because I have two hands

  • Bow down to Zod Says:

    If you are self conscious about the size of your cellphone, well, have other problems you need to work out...Honestly, I don't see how *ANYBODY* can get any work done on that puny 3.5 inch iPhone screen....and yes, when it comes to getting work done on a smartphone, size *DOES* matter!

  • tramp Says:

    Top 10 signs this website shills for Apple...

  • Tim Says:

    Maybe cellphones should evolve into bracelets with flexible screens. You can then create many designs with them.

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