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Report: Apple to Kill Off iPad mini

If you're wondering why rumors concerning updates to the iPad lineup haven't mentioned anything about its smaller-sized formats, we might have just found out. According to a new report, the company will discontinue the 7.9 inch iPad mini 4 this summer.

Credit: Laptop Mag

In a story published today (May 16) BGR cites "a source close to Apple" that claims "the iPad mini is being phased out."

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But why would Apple reduce the number of options shoppers can select from? The source claims that sales are so poor for the pint-sized slate that nobody would miss it.

Once the iPad mini 4 goes away, customers still have a solid option with the simply-named, but new-for-2017 iPad. This 9.7-inch slate doesn't offer the same laminated, anti-reflective slate of the mini 4, but it lasts 3.5 hours longer and its screen is brighter and more colorful.

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