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Apple iPhone Found Guilty of Violating Three Patents

Score one for the patent trolls. A United States court declared that the iPhone has infringed on three patents, effectively hoisting the company by its own petard. The patents are own by MobileMedia Ideas, which is owned by Nokia, Sony MPEG-LA for the express purpose of patent protection.

According to The Next Web, the court only took four hours to deliberate. One of the patents in question has to deal screen rotation. Anther patents is related to phone camera operation and a third to controlling call statuses such as hold and end. While MobileMedia celebrates its recent victory, it's still involved in ongoing litigation against Research In Motion (RIM) and HTC.

Apple has yet to comment, but in a statement to Mashable, a MobileMedia rep said, "We're pleased that the court found infringement on all three patents, and we think it's justified."