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Apple’s Rumored 13-inch iPad May Support 4K Resolution

If the 9.7-inch iPad Air isn’t big enough for you, Apple may have what you’re looking for soon enough. The iDevice-maker is reportedly testing 12.9-inch display panels in both 2K and 4K resolutions for a new tablet to be released in April.

We’ve heard rumors that Apple is developing a 13-inch slate, but new reports from Asian news source PadNews suggest that the device is in its engineering prototype phases at Foxconn. The website claims to have spoken with sources inside Apple’s supply chain, but this information is far from being confirmed.

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Not only would this be Apple’s largest iPad yet if the rumors hold true, but it will also mark the first display resolution upgrade since Apple introduced the third generation iPad in 2012. Based on a rough translation of the Chinese text, supply chain workers had been testing five types of panels. Apple would choose two of these panels for the final product, which according to PadNews would be the 2K and 4K flavors.

There’s no telling what Apple has in store for the future of its iPad line, but analysts from NPD DisplaySearch agree that a 12.9-inch slate is in tow. The firm released a chart based on its research in October that pegged a “New iPad” featuring a 12.9-inch, 2732 x 22048-pixel display for 2014.

At the same time, reports have suggested that Samsung is also concocting a 12-inch slate of its own. In early November, a Samsung-branded tablet with a 12-inch display hit the FCC, further contributing to speculation that the Korea-based Galaxy maker will launch a 12-inch Note.

via PhoneArena, PadNews