Apple iPad 2 Frozen in FaceTime?

According to AppleInsider, some iPad 2 users have experienced a problem where the front camera on the tablet freezes while using FaceTime. The problem has been reported in discussion threads on Apple's support site and appears to affect both Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the device. Some iPhone 4 users have also reported FaceTime freezes since upgrading to iOS 4.3

The way most people have problems have experienced it is that the front camera will freeze on an image during a FaceTime call. When users go back to the homescreen and then back into the app, the frozen image from before is still there. A restart clears the image out of FaceTime and makes the app usable once more-- at least until it freezes again, which requires another restart. People posting about the problem on Apple's site are not fans of restarting and are hoping that the company addresses the issues soon.

Have you had problems with FaceTime on your iPad or iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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