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More GBs: Apple to Sell 128GB iPad Starting February 5th

Apple announced today that it's doubling the available storage space on the iPad with Retina Display, helping consumers who struggle with the limitations of the 64GB, which served as the largest available iPad until now. The iPad with Retina Display will be available on February 5th, allowing for even more music, movie, picture and app storage.

Microsoft's Surface Pro, available on February 9th, will be the only other tablet on the market with 128GB of storage, although the Windows 8 Pro operating system is larger than Apple's iOS, leaving less available storage space for the end user. The largest Microsoft Surface RT model has 64GB of storage and both the Google Nexus 10 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch cap off at 32 GB.

The Apple App Store currently has over 800,000 available apps with other 300,000 specifically designed for the iPad, with many apps requiring multiple gigabytes of space. The larger storage drive means that users won't need to decide which files to keep or delete when downloading a new game or syncing a new movie.

The Wi-Fi-only 128GB iPad will cost $799 and the Wi-Fi + Cellular model will sell for $929. Both are $100 more than the 64GB versions.