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Apple's Cheap 8GB iPhone 5c: Deal or No Deal?

Apple's budget iPhone just got cheaper. According to a listing on Apple's UK website, a new 8GB version of the iPhone 5c has arrived for £429, or roughly $499 if it comes to the U.S.. This new model marks Apple's cheapest iPhone yet, but should you even want one?

The new iPhone 5c isn't going to give you a full 8GB. Apple's 16GB iPhone 5 ships with 12.6GB of useable storage, so if that extra 3.4 GB is used for iOS 7 and preloaded apps, the 8GB iPhone 5c would only give you a measly 4.6 GB. It is worth noting, however, that Apple devices have a better usable storage ratio than some of their competitors, as the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 has only 8.56GB of usable space.

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The 624 songs on our iPhone take up 2.9GB, which would mean that your roughly 4.6GB of usable space on the iPhone 5c would fill up with tunes fast. Social apps like Facebook and Instagram only take up an average of 100MB, while popular games like "Infinity Blade III" would take up a good chunk of your  storage at 1.7 GB.

Limited storage aside, the 8GB iPhone 5c is still the same slim and colorful product that hit stores last fall as 16GB and 32GB models. We gave the handset four out of five stars in our full review, praising its sturdy plastic design, bright display and impressive camera.

Nevertheless, analysts say that demand for the iPhone 5c hasn't been nearly as strong as the iPhone 5s, which has a faster processor, better camera and more premium metal design.

We're not sure if this 8GB model of the iPhone 5c is headed to the U.S., but it might be worth it to splurge for the extra storage. And with the iPhone 6 likely hitting shelves this fall, Apple's iPhone 5 series is only going to get less expensive.