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'Apollo Plus' Windows Phone 8 Update Could Appear Next Year

Microsoft seemed to scramble to put the finishing touches on Windows Phone 8 in the days before the operating system's launch, pushing the release of the OS's software development kit back to the day after WP8's gala launch event. Perhaps unsurprisingly given that, a new report claims the company is already hard at work on the first Windows Phone 8 update, code-named Apollo Plus.

Apollo Plus will mostly focus on bug squashing, the Verge's anonymous sources report, though a handful of features should also make their way into the mix. Those could include VPN support, a dedicated Notification Center, and the ability for a WP8 device to maintain a persistent, always-on Wi-Fi connection. Improvements to system audio are also said to be in the cards.

The Verge says that we should hear more about Apollo Plus during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February. It's expected to be an OTA update.

Windows Phone 7 owners haven't been left out in the cold completely. After months of silence about the promised Windows Phone 7.8 update—which brings WP8's customizable live tiles to WP7, along with a few other tweaks—a Microsoft spokesperson told TechCrunch yesterday that the company will have news about the update "in the near future." Some people, including CNET, are speculating that Windows Phone 7.8 could even be pushed out as early as tomorrow, after RTM ROMs of the update wound up in the hands of XDA forum developers.