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AMD Updates C- and E-Series APUs: Better Graphics, Longer Battery Life

Longer battery life, better graphics performance: What's not to like? AMD announced updates to its C- and E-Series Fusion APUs--which combine the CPU and GPU onto a single die--that will deliver enhanced graphics capabilities, as well as greater endurance.

The updated chips, used on low-cost ultraportables and thin-and-light notebooks such as the Acer Aspire One 722, will deliver enhanced HD graphics capabilities, HDMI 1.4a (which means 3D support to external monitors and TVs), and up to 12 hours of resting battery life, according to AMD.

Other enhancements include the addition of DisplayPort ++, which means that notebooks will be able to connect to HDMI or DisplayPort through a single port; support for DDR3 1333 DRAM, and support for MPEG-4 compression on Windows Media Player.

The E-450 and E-350 processors should deliver up to 10.6 hours of resting battery life, while the C-50 and C-60 APUs should deliver up to 12 hours of resting battery life. 

The new chips are available immediately.