How to Add and Use VIP Contacts in Apple Mail

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VIP Contacts is a feature that that allows Apple device users to only get notifications from important people in their lives, sparing them useless alerts for newsletters and spam. Not only is it useful for whittling down the notifications the desktop Mail app sends, but if you also own an iPhone, VIP settings are carried over to your phone for alerts from the iOS Mail app. 

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Here's how to mark a contact as a VIP and tell Apple mail to only send notifications for emails from VIPs.

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1. Select a message.

screenshot 2016 06 24 15.58.38

2. Hover over a sender or recipient's name.

screenshot 2016 06 24 15.58.47

3. Click the arrow that appears to the right of the name.screenshot 2016 06 24 15.58.56

4. Select Add to VIPs. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each person whose emails you deem important.screenshot 2016 06 24 16.00.02

5. Click Mail in the menu bar.06 2938051466798161

6. Select Preferences.07 2938051466798161

7. Click the drop-down menu next to New message notifications.08 2938051466798161

8. Select VIPs.09 2938051466798161

Now, you've set Apple Mail to only send notifications for new messages from the important people in your digital life.end 2938051466798162

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