Add Extra Screens to Your Laptop With Slidenjoy

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The more screens, the merrier. Pulling up multiple windows on your one laptop screen can quickly get overwhelming. A new product on Kickstarter aims to make it easier to multitask on your laptop. Slidenjoy, from the Belgium-based company of the same name, can double or triple the amount of screens you have on your laptop. Watch Seinfeld on Hulu, play Fallout Shelter, and work on that essay at the same time, if you can.

The Slidenjoy comes in two different models that gives you either one or two external screens for your 13, 15, or 17 inch Mac or PC laptop. You connect the magnets on the Slidenjoy to the back of your laptop and then slide the external screen or screens out from your laptop. The extra screens are powered by a single USB 3.0 or 2.0 that you plug into your laptop.

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The result gives you more space and freedom to configure your laptop in a number of different ways so you can share a presentation during a meeting or let your kids watch a movie while you finish that performance review. You can shape your extra screens into a triangle, open square, or lay them out in front of you. If someone is sitting directly across from you, you can move a screen 180 degrees so that it’s facing that person.

With HD screens, a stand, aluminum hinges, and slabs made out of high quality plastic, the company claims that the Slidenjoy is both light and sturdy enough to stand on its own. The product comes in a variety of colors such as black, yellow, turquoise, red, green, and orange.

There is also a premium version that comes in aluminum, light or dark wood, alcantara, and leather as well as a limited version that you can get in carbon or full grain leather.

Slidenjoy is halfway to its goal of more than $300 thousand with 31 more days to go. With a pledge of $263, you can get a Sldenjoy with one extra screen and for $338, you can get one with two. Slidenjoy plans to ship the product just in time for Christmas.

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  • Caitlyn Says:

    Does this also work on a Acer?

  • Israel Illán Says:

    Read here before getting your hopes too high for this product:

    They started a campaign on Kickstarter, and once it got funded they forgot about their backers, moreover, we discovered everything they said on their campaign was a lie. They didn't even have a prototype! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A PROTOTIPE RIGHT NOW!

    The creators of SlidenJoy shows a complete lack of respect for their backers. I encourage everyone check out the comments on there and judge for yourself.

    They keep saying they'll provide an update "next week". But it never happened. Usually, it's delayed for at least 2 weeks. Two FULL WEEKS without any explanation as to why! And always empty updates lacking of any information.

    So far, they've provided some photos of a "prototype" and that was it. No update/photos on actual production materials etc, nothing.

    We are kept completely in the dark about the entire process. They ignore Kickstarter backers and continue to travel around the world to pull in "investors".

    They always BS saying they're taking their time to write the "perfect" update, or that they didn't have time, but they always check their Facebook almost everyday and reply to people there.

    They delete or block messages/users on their Facebook to hide negative feedback and in their Kickstarter update on February 6th, you can see their lack of respect for their backers (that made it happen in the first place).

    They've already delayed the delivery without an estimated delivery date. See where this is going?

    And remember, that those of you who preorder it, are supposed to get it AFTER the kickstarter backers... good luck with that

  • tepsley Says:

    This project was a total bust. They've taken our (the original backers on Kickstarter) money and do not give any updates on the progress of the project. All their previously set deadlines have failed and this also includes deadlines made on social mediaabout allegedly "posting an update soon".

  • serge Says:


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