Acer Aspire One AO532h Netbook to Sell For Just $299

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Looks like Acer is aiming to make the Aspire One netbook the best-selling netbook of 2010, just as they did back in 2008. Though there is far more competition now, the Acer Aspire One AO532h has a lot going for it. The new Intel Atom N450 processor, the promise of 10 hours of battery life, and a price that blows away the comepetition: $299. Yep, just $299 for a netbook that will most likely be pretty sweet.

We're fans of the Aspire One series, particularly those models that come with 6-cell batteries as the AO532h will. And if the press images are to be believed, this netbook will come with Acer's wonderful FineTip keyboard. The touchpad also looks fairly large and promises to be multitouch, another nice feature.

The price alone is worth getting excited about, but don't forget that battery life. Even if it doesn't get up to 10 hours, I'll take 7 - 8 and be happy. Like most new netbooks, the AO532h will come with Windows 7 (Starter Edition, unfortunately), which isn't so great for netbook battery life. But Intel's Pine Trail CPUs are more energy-efficient, and help to give back some of the battery life Windows 7 steals. Acer also claims that the "10.1-inch LED-backlit TFT LCD saves 22.2 percent power compared with other netbook displays." Will all this allow the low-capacity battery (4400 mAh) to last long enough? We'll see when we test it.

Other specs include a b/g/-draft-n wireless card, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, and the standard spread of ports.

Yes, it's pretty much like your typical netbook except with a fancy new processor. But $299. I get the feeling even if this netbook doesn't wow reviewers it's going to sell like hotcakes. It will be available in January and we're going to get our first look at CES next week.

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  • alex Says:

    This is a nice little netbook, i have the red one and its just perfect when traveling and being on the road :)

  • Diana Hill Says:

    This is a great little netbook.. however keep in mind you need to buy a backup drive for it since you have no removable disk drive in case you crash it there is no way to restore the programs.. also need some USB memory sticks to transfer things like your favorites and photos etc..also the keyboard really does run together, easy to type mistakes on it so be careful. Its only ten iches so dont expect the display to have average size print either.. you may need to increase the display text size but then your pages wont fit on the screen. If you have poor vision you may opt for a larger netbook.

  • Joxer Says:

    Why oh why Acer did you feel the need to change the keyboard to this piece of trash?

    It's obvious that from the 751 they've been trying to copy the Macbook and Sony style keyboards and carried this right through to this 532, but most of us are positively pi$$ed with this - we're not all fans of this keyboard style or even netbook style so I would disagree with an above post...

    This will NOT sell like hotcakes until the keyboard issue is fixed. Won't wow the masses either as it looks more like a toy now.

  • Nick Says:

    Actually, the FineTip keyboard is terrible. Completely flat and with the edges of the keys all running together, it's not trivial for your fingers to find the center of the key and push directly downward to register the keystroke properly (pressure applied to the top of the keys doesn't uniformly push downward, think of a flat surface balanced on a pyramid). Key travel may be terrific, but if you're not a stellar touch typist, be prepared for more mistakes than you'll typically get on keyboards with a traditional depression on each key, such as on the AOD250.

  • Tom Says:

    No wonder it's a best seller as it's a super little workhorse. Powered by Intel's ubiquitous Atom processor this netbook isn't up to 3d gaming. but is very adept at handling web browsing, word processing, basic games and even image manipulation.

    I think it will sell like hot cakes again in 2010, although it would be nice if Acer could utilize the Nvidia Ion LE GPU in the Aspire One rather than an integrated Intel chipset.

  • mark Says:

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