Acer: 2017 Brand Report Card

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Acer has a broad lineup of laptops in every major category, from student Chromebooks to high-end gaming rigs. The company's pricing is extremely aggressive, making for some very affordable laptops, but many of its offerings are serviceable systems, not category leaders. But no matter what Acer laptop you buy, you'll get the best tech support of any Windows PC vendor (only Apple does better).


Acer's Strengths

  • Great value: From a 1080p laptop that goes for $350 to a Surface Pro-like detachable that costs under $700 with keyboard, Acer has some great bargains.
  • Fantastic Support: With knowledgeable phone agents and a helpful site, Acer has the best support of any PC maker.

Acer's Main Weaknesses

  • Pay your own shipping: If you need to send in your laptop for service, you must pay the freight.
  • Business blues: Acer's TravelMate series is built for business, but so far can't compete with the likes of Lenovo, Dell and HP.

Top-Rated Acer Laptops

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Reviews (26/35)

Of the 15 Acer laptops we reviewed, five of them earned 4-star reviews (three of those earned our Editors’ Choice). The rest, like the Swift 7, were merely good, but not great. The 2.5-star TravelMate P648 was balanced out by the Predator 17X gaming machine and the budget Aspire R 15.

Design (12/15)

When it comes to design, Acer has a few dizzying highs and some disappointing lows, with plenty of shoulder-shrugging mehs in between. The Chromebook 14 for Work is a welcome surprise with its gorgeous Gorilla Glass 3 lid — a feature that is typically reserved for higher-end systems.

The Swift 7 is also a stone-cold stunner, thanks to its stylish black-and-gold motif and its 0.39-inch thick frame. We also liked the Switch Alpha 12's sturdy kickstand and textured keyboard cover, which made for a visually interesting 2-in-1.


But then you have the frumpy-looking Chromebook 11 N7, whose only saving grace is its MIL-SPEC-tested durability. And we really want Acer to find a visually pleasing middle ground between its aggressive look for the Predator 15 and the more elegant Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition. As for the mehs, you have the plain-Jane, business-class TravelMate P648, Chromebook 14 and Aspire F15, which serve up inoffensive chassis of various thicknesses.

Support (18/20)

Acer offers excellent tech support across most, though not all, channels. You'll find accurate, speedy answers if you try calling the company's phone line, navigating its support site or tweeting at it. The only problem we ran into during our tests was when we got an inaccurate answer to a question we submitted via Facebook.

Innovation (6/10)

While Acer is known for value, it’s been successfully pushing the envelope in two directions. One is Chromebooks, where Acer impressed us with its Chromebook 14 for Work. It packs helpful IT tools into a durable Gorilla Glass design.

The second area is gaming, where Acer made a statement with its VR-ready Predator 17 X, but we’re more excited about the first curved gaming laptop, the Predator 21 X. Another highlight is the Switch Alpha 12, which is the first liquid-cooled detachable 2-in-1, enabling Acer to fit a Core i5 chip into a 0.6-inch-thick design.

Value and Selection (13/15)

Acer has been known for making inexpensive laptops, but in the past few years, the company has released a number of premium systems. The flexible Spin 7 and the beautifully thin Swift 7 are among the company's high-end Ultrabooks. Powerful gaming rigs in the company's Predator line combine attractive design with strong performance, while its Aspire Nitro laptops offer high frame rates at affordable prices.

Acer has a broad range of Chromebooks, from the elegant Acer Chromebook 14 for Work to the durable Chromebook 11 N7 that's designed to be indestructible for students. The company also sells a complete line of business notebooks, though its TravelMates aren't as well known or as highly regarded as ThinkPads, Latitudes or EliteBooks.

It almost goes without saying that Acer continues to provide great, low-cost laptops in a variety of sizes. Among its best values are the Acer Switch Alpha 12, a Surface-like detachable 2-in-1 that starts at under $500, and the Aspire E 15, which is available with a 1080p screen for $350.

Warranty (2/5)

Acer backs most of its laptops with one-year limited warranties, though some TravelMates get two-year warranties. Unfortunately, the company loses points for making you pay your own shipping costs to send your system in for service.

However, if you purchase Acer's optional accidental-damage protection, warranty shipping is covered. On the bright side, upgrading your RAM does not void your warranty.

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  • balblabla Says:

    Forgot to mention. Last laptop, HDD completely died suddenly, we took it to repair shop, they said HDD dead, cooler on graphics is almost dead, wifi wires almost melted, some other wires also damaged and something else, said repair and replacement will cost around 200 euro. We are getting a new one and definitely not ACER!!!

  • balblabla Says:

    Owned 3 acer laptops. All of horrible built quality. Always overheat. 2 of them died in 4 years. One had a button not working at all, after contacting the seller, he started saying bunch of nonsense and refused to swap it for a new one, it was a week after i bought it, acer website is garbage.
    Conclusion: they make the cheapest laptops, if you are lucky enough not to get some factory malfunction, then it will last you around 2-3 years. For a budget laptop like 300-400 euro, it would be ok, but buying a more expensive one like 500-600 not worth. One of them had super specs with a great price, lasted the longest, but started overheating after 1 year to a point that heat hurts arms and legs.

  • Bharat Says:

    I got acer laptop.ACER Product is very bad
    It is not get services and service center only make pepole mad.It iis not resovle small error by eng. in service center. My mother board have some problems . I took laptop before 4 months but service not provide properly so guys it's very bad company u don't choose Acer

  • Alina Says:

    My family loves acer for its reliable products. So far we have 1 tablet computer, 1 netbook, and 2 computer replacement laptops that have been working perfectly since the day they were purchased for many years. The brand may not have the best style but it is very durable and lasting. Never had to even call customer service which in my book is the BEST service a computer company can offer.


    ACER Product is very bad
    It is not get services and service center only make pepole mad.It iis not resovle small error by eng. in service center. It tell that product has order

  • Joe MK Says:

    Purchased my ACER All-In-One Touch Screen 3 years ago. I have had to have it serviced to fix glitches 3 times. A few days after the warranty went out the mother board and hard drive crashed. Even worse, I was unable to back up some important pictures onto my external prior to this happening and ACER has stated that they will do nothing to get the files off the broken hard drive.
    Lesson Learned #1 - Back up at a greater frequency
    Lesson Learned #2 - Do not purchase ACER products

  • John Fist Says:

    When you buy a acer you look for the performance,lower 1.7 GHz and less 4 GB Ram its doesn't mean you have a super laptop.Before you buy any laptop look the details.Some are just for internet and simple tasks (students).What you pay,you will get.About the service dont hope specialy with low budget laptop thats allmost in any company,some get the service and some not

  • Kriti Says:

    I just got a laptop form acer, its aspire v3-574G and this laptop is awesome it has got 5th gen i3, 4GB RAM , 1TB HDD, NVIDIA 940M, dual band wifi and backlit keyboard, power off usb ,it looks premium and all this for only ₹39,000. And I recently went to acer service centre in order to swap my hdd with a ssd which i had already bought. They did the job without any argument and without voiding the warranty.

  • Finesi lagokamu Says:

    I just got my computer last month now is nothing coming up everything's gone I want to know why please can u help me

  • Emma C Says:

    I have an Acer V 15 laptop and let me tell you, it was a waste of $500. For the first year I had it, it functioned fine but not great - slow, the occasional freeze. Now, in the last couple of months, I've seen an incredible decline in functionality. It freezes constantly doing the simplest of tasks - opening a new tab, adding a page break in a word document, or even just skipping to the next song in Spotify. I probably spend about half my time online waiting for the computer to respond. It's a total pain, and if I were you, I'd spring for a Mac.

  • Patrick Alicangero Says:

    Acer computers are powerful and helpful interms of speed in its function and I proud of them

  • Vivian Adario Says:

    The Worst brand in the world is Acer...never never anymore
    Terrible assistants...went to repair 2x and now I m wothout warranty and this shit still terrible!
    Never more

  • Syed Fahad Says:

    i took Acer Aspire E15 in Febraury 2016 with lot of comparison and trust on Acer, but believe me its the worst decision i made in my life. its too slow comparing to my other Dell and Toshiba laptop always i have to wait for minutes to get it open. it has I5 Intel processor with 2.3Gzh speed and 4 GB RAM, but still i feel slowest man on earth. all thanks to acer.

    this is the second time i trusted and took Acer , my first gadget was acer Tab which was also a blunder mistake from me. Acer i never trust in my life and never i will suggest or advice to take Acer any of my friend.

  • tyler ash Says:

    I've always had good luck with acer. Any acer laptop I've bought has lasted 6+ years until I felt the need to get a new one. Acer is certainly better then Toshiba. I can't stand Toshiba laptops

  • james & judy vollmer Says:

    our acer chrome laptop quit working one month past the end of warranty.very
    disappointed.It had worked very good until then.they said they couldn't do anything about it.It would cost about $175. to fix it.

  • Valeria Says:

    Acer is the worst, on what ever I do it always glitcjes, even the things that don't require Internet

  • Laurence Bell Says:

    ACER tried to blackmail me into paying for them to return my hard drive........Heres the email and response I got after hours of polite debate:
    Thank you Mitch,

    To be clear, what you have said is that Acer will not return the faulty hard drive unless I pay $180.
    We discussed that the hard drive is of no value to ACER and that it will likely find itself in the bin. We also discussed that the only reason I would like it returned is because there are pictures of family on there that my daughter took that are now deceased.
    I have offered to pay administration costs relating to the postage of the hard drive but as you are returning a laptop to me with a new hard drive replaced under warranty these are not likely to be excessive.

    Here is my position:
    My Acer hard drive failed this is the cause of my issue so from my perspective its Acer's fault.
    Acer has agreed that the hard drive failure is their fault by offering to replace this drive with a new one - thank you.
    I have very sentimental pictures on the hard drive - not Acer's fault and I should have backed up - but I do want to see if a specialist can extract the data for me. (This could be expensive and there are no guarantees I will get those pictures back).
    I have asked you to bundle the removed broken drive up with the laptop you are returning to me and agreed to pay any costs associated with doing this.
    You have agreed to returning my old hard drive, But only if I pay Acer $180 (initially it was over $200 but when I made my feelings clear you reduced the price) we are price haggling for a drive that ACER agreed is worthless to anyone but me. It certainly wont cost $180 to return it so what am I paying for exactly?
    I am exasperated that you can't see this from my perspective. I feel blackmailed or at least cheated, this situation just feels wrong. Are acer really aiming to profit from the distress caused by their hard drive failing in the first place. How is this fair? how is this not extortion?

    I think it fair to give you one last chance to discuss this with colleagues and see if I am being unreasonable.

    Please do the right thing.

    Their response:

    Hi Laurence,

    Good Day

    We do apologize if you felt that way. We are not forcing you to pay $180 for your old hard drive.

    As previously discussed, we have approved a one time courtesy repair for your laptop by replacing the faulty Hard drive even if the 1 year Standard Repair Warranty has expired. However, sending the old hard drive back would in fact incur a cost as all replaced or exchanged parts will become the property of Acer. You may refer to the attached file (Acer Warranty Card) for the said policy or visit the link :

    We are standing firm with our offer. But if you wish otherwise, we may return the unit back unrepaired and you may consult your local technician for other options.

    You may process the Credit Card payment thru Adrienn Ovari; Phone No: 09 9695607

    Looking forward to your response.

    With Kind Regards

    Mitch P. Mascariñas
    Escalations Support Specialist | Oceania Service Division

  • Meggy Says:

    Blossom it same with my too. Did U get any answer? I can't return it in store because it pest 14 days. Worst laptop that I ever had.

  • tom.. Says:

    Horrible warranty. Do not buy laptop by acer

  • blossom Says:

    I like the acer but how do I boot it up so I can use it? Please all you experts, help.

  • blossom Says:

    I bought an Acer Aspire ES 15 in november 2015 - a bit slow but cheap - today April 6 2016 i turned it on and after the Acer logo nothing - my software did not boot up - help - I have to get documents done using word.

  • Vince Sweeney Says:

    DO NOT BUY AN ACER COMPUTER. I had mine for 90 days and the battery died and I ask about the warranty and was told that they only cover batteries for 60 days. I will never buy with them again I purchased an ultra book what a horrible company but I was told what a rip off company they where, I wish I would have listened.

  • ulla muriel Says:

    For me, no more Acer. I have got a new acer aspire e17, and it bugs for no reason. The screen freeze randomly at least one time a day, and there is nothing to do except reseting, and i loose all my task. The problem affect both win7 8 and 10.

  • Joyce Davis Says:

    How do you open the Cd tray. Want to view a cd but here is on button to open tray. Tried pushing on it and still would not open

  • janith bawantha Says:

    It is the worst thing, which i most heated

  • Thamsanqa Nkosi Says:

    How to find a mouse pointer it's just disappeared on a screen?

  • francis Says:

    I want to share this. I bought an acer aspire unit for my daughter last aug 16, 2015 and it broke down twice already. The unit doesn't start and has no power at all. As of this date March 2 the unit is still with Acer's accredited service center. I brought the unit last Feb 14, 2016 and what can I say the service support really stinks.

    Think twice and scrutinize before you invest with this type of unit.

  • davey Says:

    never seen such a poorly made laptop, brand new acer aspire 15 not one program has been put on there but yet it still slower than windows 98, this is the second aspire 15 we have brought in two weeks as the other one was that bad we threw it off the wall, only reason we brought a second was so we could get a file off the hard rive that was in the broke laptop, the mouse on its own just flys around the screen its a joke !!!!!!

  • BethB Says:

    Acer R3 doesn't contain a drive partition so won't connect to Wi-fi. Acer sent me a non-existant FedEx label to return the laptop, then didn't call me back when they said they would to deal with the label issue. Never again will I purchase an Acer product and I hope Costco stops carrying their products.

  • karen shepherd Says:

    I paid over 600 $$$ for my Acer used less then 10 times and now won't even turn on. I noticed even first time used it locked up and didn't even always turn on till several tried. Company won't do anything. So threw away over $600 still paying off for nothing

  • Teresa Says:

    I purchased an Acer for 2in1 for my business, only had it for a few weeks and today I was working on a project when the circuit board melted. Nice to know that this product is a failure. Now, I'm going to go out and get a product that I can trust.

  • Shukoor Says:

    Don't buy acer laptop, I had very bad experience with it.
    They enabled BIOS, so we can't install any software untill we disabled security boot of BIOS,
    When we trying to call toll free service center after dialing it says this doesn't exist.
    The worst experience ever had in my life time.

  • andza Says:

    Disagree with HP ranking.
    As my experience shows, that HP is worser than ACER.
    Acer is budget laptop, but last very long. I have purchased many acers in company I'm working for and there were no problems at all despite HP Pavilions (old and new). I think this review is sponsored by HP and Apple :)
    Apple has worst case engineering ever. as many 2011 macbooks burned out and get video chip problems, case has no ventilation holes and has technically bad design.
    I suggest Lenovo, ACER and Dell laptops.
    Apple has many compatibility issues with another architectures un operating systems.

  • vimal Says:

    Very bad product,, very bad service ,cannot purchase accer product, waste products and waste money

  • Jeffrey Says:

    I would like to see more of the Acer models at affordable prices. Lists of the options they have. $300 $500 price range. Sincerely, Jeff Hartlett

  • PaedaeJnr Says:

    Stay away from Acer Laptops. Got mine less than a year ago and the number of issues i'm getting from it. Either the mouse pad stops working or had a laggy movement which sometimes affect the audio making it completely distorted orr the audio just randomly stops working while in use OR just veeeerryyy slooowwwwww when i need to do something urgent. Simply put, they are fucking ridiculous.

  • Theodore Says:

    Acer has the WORST customer service, even if your machine is under warranty. No matter what the problem, you have to send it in and wait for months. Also, NUMEROUS NEW MODELS were NOT eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade and there's NO recourse--you cannot even contact them. NEVER again will I buy an Acer.

  • shivangi mishra Says:

    Mn kr rha h kbadi ko de du

  • Karen Menczer Says:

    I've returned my Acer Aspire 2x to the manufacturer (and prior to that, had to visit a computer repair shop 5x) because my Acer kept shutting down in the middle of work-this started happening within 3 months of purchase. The customer service has been outrageously poor-no information provided about the "repairs" and each time Acer sent it back to me, it shut down again within weeks. But Acer denies there's a problem. Now, it won't read the wireless card-I can't get online on the Acer. It's less than 2 years old!

  • Kelly Clover Says:

    I bought my sister an Acer Aspire ES1-512 computer and she has been bitching about it from the beginning. The complaints were multiple: Windows 8.1 is much harder to work with than Windows 7. The computer arbitrarily locks up saved text files and there is no way to reopen them so they're just lost. She can't send attached files in emails. The cursor jumps around instead of staying where intended. She objects to the Outlook screen that appears on the home page by default.

  • Rich Says:

    I bought an Acer Aspire about 9 months ago to replace a HP Presario.The following are the negatives even after tweaking. Color rendition is fair.Audio is loud but tinny.Product comes with loads of bloatware to remove.Clam shell case is all plastic but functional.Everything else about this product good to excellent so far. I would recommend to anyone that wants a cheap laptop.

  • Steven Bennett Says:

    Bought a Toshiba laptop and after three months the screws fell out of the body, the touch pad intermittently worked and the screen wobbled. Phoned retailer they said contact Toshiba where I was greeted by a rude and arrogant customer service worker who said this doesn't happen (even though many online posts state the opposite) then told I will have to pay £65 for them to just look at it. Decent spec, cheap materials, terrible customer service. Buy another brand is my advice, havery a hp with no problems at all. Check my video by go ogling Toshiba laptop screen fault.

  • Annie Says:

    I have an ACER V5. Used it 1-2 times per month for accessing accounts; I have a different computer I use for everything else. Loved the ACER until it froze booting up- factory reset didn't work. The tech helps wants me to pay $175 to fix it.... it is just over 1 year old. I have never had a computer break in under 3 years and had several that lasted more than 5 years. I would never buy this brand again no matter how cheap they get.

  • Kennedy Says:

    I have an acer Aspire E 14 Touch...
    best long battery life
    super precise touchpad
    a TB HDD
    3MB L3 cache
    4400+ HD Graphics...
    its super gorgeous....
    I love it!!!!

  • Joshua Simpson Says:

    I Have a Acer E 15 start, and a Hp stream(blue). I love my Acer, it has good programs, and it has a nice big touch pad,(a percision touch pad).
    The Key bored is very responsive, but no backlit, plus the pad is sensitive which is good. And a nice display. I dont care about the design. The computer is really reliable. Watch what you read on reviews.

  • Donald Sargeant Says:

    I bought acer about a week ago, and the disk drive won't work. I am not happy. I think I shall use it as an ankor for my boat.

  • fhhrtg gf Says:

    acer is bad

  • Mara Says:

    The worst laptop I have ever had. The touchscreen cracked within a year of use (not sue to any human intervention such as dropping or hitting the laptop). Customer service was rude, unhelpful and only offered an expensive >$300 screen replacement. Horrible laptops and company.

  • parrotcam Says:

    The Acer V5 and V7 laptops with the 1080p displays are quite amazing actually. It's super bright and clear, i know cuz i'm using it right now typing this out.

  • A penguin Says:

    it is 2 year old from this company

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