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10 Essential iOS 5 Tips for Your iPad

After months of anticipation, iOS 5 has finally arrived. Boasting over 200 new features, the mobile operating system is faster, more intuitive and decidedly more social. In addition to adding new multi-touch gestures, iOS 5 introduces iMessage for IM chats with other iOS device owners, a new notifications menu, and a tabbed browser for the Safari web browser. We've compiled a list of practical tips to help you master the ins and outs of iOS 5.

1. Setting up iCloud

2. Set Up iMessage

3. How to Use Notification Center

4. Mirroring Via AirPlay 

5. How to Navigate Safari 

6. Set-up iTunes Wi-Fi Syncing

7. Take Advantage of Twitter Integration

8.  How to Use New Multi-touch Gestures 

9. Use the iPad 2's Camera Like a Pro

10. Game with Your Friends in GameCenter