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Apple Announces Huge $6 Billion First Quarter Profit, 7.3 Million iPads Sold

And the records keep on breaking. Apple just announced its first-quarter results, and the company posted record revenue of $26.74 billion, up over $10 billion from the year-ago quarter and up from $20.34 billion in the fourth quarter.

Skype Video Calling Comes to iPhone, Works with PCs and Macs

In your face, FaceTime! Skype's updated app for the iPhone now lets you call iPhone 4 and iPod touch owners over Wi-Fi or 3G. Plus, you can gab with people on their desktops via Skype for Windows and Mac.

iBook Share Up to 22 Percent, In-Line Notes and PDF Support Coming Later This Month

Today, in kicking off Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Steve Jobs announced some improvements to iBooks. First, said Jobs, iBooks now account for 22 percent market share (Apple's...

Tablets Won't Kill PCs, They'll Make Them Better

Isn't it ironic that I'm using a laptop to write about the post-PC era? Not really, because it isn't here yet. Last week a lot was made of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' answer to a question at the D8 conferen...

PLX Technology's USB Duet Turns Netbook into iPad Keyboard

The primary purpose of USB Duet from PLX Technology is to allow users to share and sync files between a netbook and laptop, which is kinda boring. But when you bring an iPad into the equation things get a lot more interesting.

Netbook Sales Sliding or Just Stabilizing?

Is the netbook boom fizzling? That seems to be the message coming from analyst firm IDC, which told CNET yesterday that Atom processor shipments (which power netbooks) are on the decline. In the first...

Great Notebook Cases for Mother's Day

It stumps you ever year. Picking out the perfect gift for the woman who brought you into the world is no joke. But, it's safe to say that she can never have too many bags. Each one in her closet has a...

Apple Airs First iPad Commercial. Are You Drooling Yet?

If you watched the Oscars last night (I didn't because I didn't know a deal had been struck for Cablevision to bring back ABC), you probably caught Apple's first ad for the iPad. The commercial is sli...

Is Blanket Wi-Fi Coverage On The Horizon?

When I first saw this story from Popular Mechanics about new bus stops that would offer free Wi-Fi in San Francisco (in 2013, anyway), I immediately thought of the CrunchPad. Remember how I said that ...