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Best Netbook/Mini-Notebook: Sony VAIO P Series
Best of 2009 CES


Best Netbook/Mini-Notebook

Sony VAIO P Series

Like other minis, the Sony VAIO P sports a low-power Intel Atom processor, but that’s where the similarities end. The 1.4-pound, 4.7-inch deep, ultra-wide chassis is small and shallow enough to hide in your coat or slip into a clutch purse. Ground-breaking features like a high-resolution 1600x768 8-inch screen, built-in GPS, integrated mobile broadband, a power brick that doubles as a port replicator, a button that places windows side-by-side, and a pointing stick combine with an instant-on mode to create a new kind of netbook. 

With a starting price of $899 that balloons all the way up to $1499 with the 128 GB solid state drive, the VAIO P is pricey compared to the competition, and the performance under Vista could be faster, but we were simply blown away by the P’s ability to offer this level of functionality in a system this size, while still providing a comfortable keyboard and a beautiful, high-res screen. We hope and expect to see other vendors pick up Sony’s gauntlet by producing their own systems with a similar form factor and advanced feature set.

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Best of 2009 CES

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The Pavilion dv2 is the first of its kind.
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Best Software: Phoenix Hyperspace

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Best Cell Phone Accessory: Powermat

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Best Camera: Casio Exilim EX-FC100

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Best Storage: Linksys by Cisco Media Hub

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Best Notebook Accessory: D-Link SideStage

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Best Projector: Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector

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Best Enabling Technology: Nvidia Ion Platform

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Best Cell Phone: Palm Pre

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Best GPS Unit: TomTom Go 740 Live

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Best Wi-Fi Tech: Wireless Intel My WiFi

My WiFi lets you connect directly to wireless printers, or interact with wireless devices like your Zune, all through an 802.11 b/g connection.
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Best Wireless Entertainment: Slacker For BlackBerry

Slacker, the popular internet radio device and application, is now available on BlackBerry.
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