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Best Cell Phone: Palm Pre
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Best Cell Phone

Palm Pre

The Palm Pre isn't just Palm's saving grace. This brand new smart phone for Sprint offers an innovative new WebOS that's fully integrated with the internet. That means your e-mail, calendar, Web pages, and contacts all update as needed whenever any related information has changed online. And the new operating system is made up entirely of Web languages like HTML, CSS, and Java Script so developers and partners like Facebook and Amazon can quickly create new applications and content for the device. Speaking of Amazon, it has already been announced as a partner for the Pre's on-board DRM free music store.

The phone thinks like you do: cards on the home screen each represent an active task, when you're finished with a program, just flick it away by gesturing across the multitouch display. There's also a dedicated gesture area below the screen for quickly accessing your most used tasks or flipping through open cards on the desktop.

Moreover, if you're trying to search for something, simply start typing. If the search terms aren't on your device, the Pre will bring up a menu to search through Google, Wikipedia, or in Google Maps. The 3MP camera (no video recording, though), Wi-Fi support, a colorful and crisp 3.1 inch display, and a full 3.5mm headphone jack are just the icing on the cake.

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Best of 2009 CES

Best Notebook: HP Pavilion dv2

The Pavilion dv2 is the first of its kind.
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Best Netbook/Mini-Notebook: Sony VAIO P Series

The Sony VAIO P is a potentially ground-breaking system.
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Best Software: Phoenix Hyperspace

With Phoenix Technology’s new Hyperspace Instant-On OS, there's no more waiting for your computer to wake up.
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Best Cell Phone Accessory: Powermat

This is way more effcient than plugging your gadgets into a wall.
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Best Camera: Casio Exilim EX-FC100

The Casio Exilim EX-FC100 stood out thanks to a trio of innovative features.
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Best Camcorder: Panasonic SDR-S26

Thanks to 70X optical zoom, this camcorder was unforgettable.
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Best Storage: Linksys by Cisco Media Hub

Cisco's Media Hub makes it easier to create a home network with attached storage.
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Best Notebook Accessory: D-Link SideStage

No one's attempted a product like this before.
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Best Portable A/V: Sony X-Series Walkman

This is the device we’ve been waiting for.
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Best Projector: Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector

The pico-projector party is getting pretty crowded but the Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector is more than just another attendee.
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Best Enabling Technology: Nvidia Ion Platform

Nvidia's Ion platform will open up performance for small laptops.
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Best GPS Unit: TomTom Go 740 Live

The TomTom Go 740 Live is a fully connected GPS.
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Best Wi-Fi Tech: Wireless Intel My WiFi

My WiFi lets you connect directly to wireless printers, or interact with wireless devices like your Zune, all through an 802.11 b/g connection.
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Best Wireless Entertainment: Slacker For BlackBerry

Slacker, the popular internet radio device and application, is now available on BlackBerry.
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