How to Unsubscribe From Facebook

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Let's face it. As useful as social media can be, there are times when you just want to cut the constant updates and shut those distractions out of your life. Whether you're spending too much time procrastinating on Facebook during the workday or are just plain sick of getting bombarded with notifications, here's how to unsubscribe from Facebook in a few quick and easy steps.

1. Select Settings from the gear menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

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2. Click the Security tab in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.


3. Choose  "Deactivate your account" under the Security Settings menu.


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4. Select one of the listed options to tell Facebook why you want to deactivate your account. If your reason isn't listed, choose Other and then explain it in the field provided. Click the Confirm button once you're finished.


5. Enter your password when prompted to do so and then click "Deactivate Now."


Your account is now officially deactivated. You can activate your account again at any time by logging in with your email address and password.



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  • Patricia Cohen Says:

    I am trying to unsubscribe on Facebook. A lot of info is incorrect ( I was nit the one who provided any of it other than my email address). I only did this to get mail from a co. I have no idea what my password is. Ijust want to unsubscribe completely. Thank you

  • Bets Botha Says:

    Spend to much time on facebook

  • Joan O'Reilly Says:


  • Steve Williams Says:

    Please unsubscribe me from Facebook

  • richard lloyd Says:

    unsubscribe me from face book please too much nothing for me

  • j c Porter Says:

    Unsubscribe me from Facebook please

  • debbie Stoyko Says:

    Please I want out of Facebook. I have so many people who bother me

  • Doyle smethers Says:

    Can you please help me to unsubcrib from Facebook please

  • Dolores holland Says:

    I want to unsubscribe from facebook

  • Eric Lindsay Says:

    Hi Lisa, Your instructions for unsubscribing from Facebook are the clearest and easiest I have ever come across. I have deactivated, now I really want to unsubscribe fully. Please can you inform me further.

  • R Davis Says:

    Following your instructional "How to unsubscribe from Facebook" I am notified that my account has been "deactivated" (which means it still exists). I want to unsubscribe! Can you tell me how to do that?

    Much appreciated.

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