Add Evernote Web Clips to your iPad 2

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Here's how you can add Evernote Web Clipper to the growing number of apps on your iPad:

  • Download the Evernote Web Clipper extension for Firefox.
  • Once the browser restarts, surf to a page you would like to save to Evernote.
  • Click on the Evernote icon to the right of the search bar.
  • A box should pop up with the title of the web article already filled out (you can edit this). Add tags to make this clip easier to find later on your iPad.
  • Launch the Evernote iPad app.
  • Tap the icon that looks like a satellite at the bottom right.
  • Select Synchronize.

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  • Keith Bourne Says:

    I am probably a little biased, since this is my app, but why not clip while right on your iPad with MemClip? Although, I can see use cases for both - always great to be able to share across devices (and Evernote makes it so easy!). MemClip just launched, version 1.0, with 1.1 in review right now. I'll be the first to tell you that I wish the web clips were a little better, closer to what you see when clipping on a desktop, but there are a lot of limitations with doing this on iPad. And a big part of it comes down to how the website you are clipping from is coded - some show up perfect, others are more like list of text with images interdispersed. But it is still as good as it can get on the iPad and getting better with each new version. It also gives you offline access to your clips on your iPad right within the app. And you also don't actually need Evernote to clip, it is just really nice to have it, since it does so many other things.

    We've recently figured out some great new tricks that we will be putting in version 1.2 with some great new ways to take web clips that look that much more like what you see on the web. That is scheduled to launch in the next month or two.

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