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PS5 officially ditches native 1440p resolution — what this means for you

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony just confirmed that the PS5 will not support native 1440p resolution, leaving some of the best gaming monitors out in the wind.

Sony spoke to IGN Italy, and the outlet stated that it was "confirmed directly by Sony," but if the PS5 doesn't support a 1440p resolution, what does that actually mean for 1440p monitors?

What happens to 1440p monitors?

If you're playing on a 1440p monitor, it'll still work, but the PS5 will default to a 1080p resolution or be upscaled to 1440p, which will make everything look a bit fuzzier than intended.

If you purchased a new monitor just for the PS5 and it happens to be 1440p, you're just simply out of luck, according to Sony. The only native resolutions that the PS5 supports are 1080p, 4K and 8K.

The current-gen Xbox One X actually supports native 1440p gaming, so it's bizarre to see that there's no real support on the PS5. This is especially alarming considering 1440p monitors are quite popular with PC gamers. 

And unless you're pining for a $1,000+ TV with a high refresh rate, the only way to affordably get to 120Hz is with a 1440p gaming monitor. There are high-refresh-rate 1080p monitors, but if this is really supposed to feel like next-gen, it should look good, too.